17th November 2017

Tobia Cavalli

Tobia holds a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Padua. His BSc thesis is entitled “Diphenylditellurides: Structural evidence from DFT calculations” under the supervision of Laura Orian at the University of Padova. Tobia joined the team in March 2015 as a masters student, co-supervised by Silvia Gross (University of Padova), working on hydrothermal polymerizations. Tobia graduated with an MSc in Chemistry in April 2017, and has re-joined our team as project assistant in May 2017. Since July 2017, Tobia is working on his PhD thesis in the framework of the BIOINTERFACE doctoral school project “Synthesis and self-assembly of surface-functionalized colloidal anisotropic polymer particles”.

contact: tobia.cavalli@tuwien.ac.at

ORCID: 0000-0002-7987-5701

ResearcherID: N-1314-2017


8) POSTER: “Synthesis of Angular Polymer Particles as Building Blocks for Advanced Materials by Self-Assembly”, T. Cavalli and M. M. Unterlass, Self-Assembly of Colloidal Systems 2018, September 20th-22nd 2018, Bordeaux, France.

7) POSTER: “Synthesis of Anisometric Polyhedral Homopolymer Particles”, T. Cavalli and M. M. Unterlass, European Colloid and Interface Society (ECIS) 2018, September 2nd-7th 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

6) [BEST PRESENTER PRIZE] POSTER + FLASH TALK: “Design of Non-Spherical Colloidal Polymer Particles for Self-Assembled Materials”, T. Cavalli and M. M. Unterlass, Vienna Young Scientist Symposium (VSS) 2018, June 7th-8th 2018, Vienna, Austria.

5) TALK: “Expanding the Scope of Hydrothermal Polymerization”, T. Cavalli, M. J. Taublaender and M. M. Unterlass, 1st Vienna Polymer-Group Symposium 2018, Feb 27th 2018, Vienna, Austria.

4) TALK: “Self-assembly of shape- and function- anisotropic colloidal particles”, T. Cavalli and M. M. Unterlass, FuNMat 2017, September 20th-22nd, Pilsen, Czech Republic.

3) POSTER: “Salt Exchange Reactions – A Versatile Detour to Otherwise Hardly Accessible Monomer Salts”, T. Cavalli and M. M. Unterlass, Danube Vltava Sava Polymer Meeting (DVSPM) 2017, Sept 5th-8th, Vienna, Austria.

2) POSTER: “Synthesis of Crystalline Polyimide / Graphitic Carbon Composite Nanoparticles by Hydrothermal Polymerization”, T. Cavalli and M. M. Unterlass, 16th Austrian Chemistry Days 2015, Sept 21st-24th, Innsbruck, Austria.

1) POSTER: “Synthesis of Highly Crystalline Polyimide/Carbon Composite Nanoparticles by Hydrothermal Polymerization”,  T. Cavalli and M. M. Unterlass, FuNMat 2015, July 30th, Prague, Czech Republic.


1”Best Presenter award” at the VSS 2018, Vienna, Austria


2) Wiener Forschungsfest 2018

1) Lange Nacht der Forschung 2018