6th April 2018

Patrick W. Fritz

Patrick is currently studying technical chemistry at TU Wien. He carried out his bachelor thesis in the field of organic chemistry under the supervision of Dr. Florian Glöcklhofer. Patrick’s interest in covalently bonded organic frameworks was raised during an internship at the Bojdys Lab at Charles University in Prague. He joined our group in March 2018 as a research assistant focusing on the synthesis of covalent organic frameworks.

Contact: patrick.fritz@tuwien.ac.at

ResearcherID: 0000-0003-4609-6573


1) F. Glöcklhofer, P. Kautny, P. Fritz, B. Stöger, J. Fröhlich, ChemPhotoChem 2017, 1, 51. „Using Dicyanoanthracene Triflates as Superior Precursors: Modifying Properties by Sterically Hindered Aryl Substituents”


1) POSTER: “Dicyanoanthracene triflates: Excellent precursors for dicyanoanthracene-based light- emitting materials”, F. Glöcklhofer, P. Kautny, P. Fritz, B. Stöger, J. Fröhlich, ChemCYS 2018 (Chemistry Conference for Young Scientists), Feb 21st– 23rd 2018, Blankenberge, Belgium.