17th November 2017

Elias K. Bumbaris

Elias holds an MSc (joint degree between University of Vienna and TU Vienna) in materials chemistry, and a BSc in chemistry (University of Vienna). He carried out his BSc and MSc thesis in the field of nanocellulose composites under the supervision of Prof. Alexander Bismarck. In April 2017, Elias joined us as project assistant working on green polyimide processing from aqueous solutions, and is funded by the aws (Austria Wirtschaftsservice – Federal Ministry of Science Research and Economy; PRIZE project “Aqueous polyimide processing“, grant no. P1621609). In January 2018, Elias joined us as PhD student. His thesis, carried out in cooperation with Infineon Technologies AG, deals with the design of high-performance polymers for microelectronics applications.

contact: elias.bumbaris@tuwien.ac.at

ORCID: 0000-0002-3672-8170

ResearcherID: N-1316-2017


2) M. Fortea-Verdejo, E. Bumbaris, C. Burgstaller, A. Bismarck and K.-Y. Lee, Int. Mater. Rev. 2017, vol. 01/2017, 1-24. “Plant fibre-reinforced polymers: where do we stand in terms of tensile properties?

1) M. Fortea-Verdejo, E. Bumbaris, K.-Y. Lee, and A. Bismarck, Mater. Sci. Forum  2015vol. 825-826, 1063-1067. “Bacterial Cellulose Reinforced Flax Fiber Composites: Effect of Nanocellulose Loading on Composite Properties


5) POSTER: “Tuning High-Performance Polyimides for Microelectronics”, E. K. Bumbaris and M. M. Unterlass, Infineon Regensburg Innovation Week 2018, Jun 19th-21st, Regensburg, Germany.

4) TALK: “Environmentally Friendly Generation of High-Performance Polyimide Foams Using Monomer Salts”, E. K. Bumbaris and M. M. Unterlass, Vienna Young Scientists Symposium 2018, Jun 7th-8th, Vienna, Austria

3) [POSTER PRIZE] POSTER: “Synthesis of Ammonium Carboxylate Monomer Salts and their Solid-State Polymerization to Polyimides”, E. K. Bumbaris and M. M. Unterlass, 17th Austrian Chemistry Days 2017, Sept 25th-28th, Salzburg, Austria.

2TALK: “Studying a Non-Classical Monomer Salt as Polyimide Precursor”, E. K. Bumbaris and M. M. Unterlass, FuNMat 2017, Sept 20th-22nd, Plzeň, CZ.

1) POSTER: “Novel Monomer Salts and Their Solid-State Polymerization to Polyimides”, E. K. Bumbaris and M. M. Unterlass, Danube Vltava Sava Polymer Meeting (DVSPM) 2017, September 5th-8th, Vienna, Austria.


1”Best Poster award” at the Austrian Chemistry Days 2017, Salzburg, Austria