17th November 2017



Team picture, top from left to right:LukasPatrickMiriamTobia, Michael J.T., Lukas P.L.; Bottom from left to right: Elias and  Alonso. Not in the picture: Miriam Z.

The members of our international team have different backgrounds ranging from polymer science, colloid chemistry, synthetic chemistry, chemical technology to chemical engineering. Our work is concerned with advanced materials, specifically high-performance polymers, high-performance dyes and inorganic-organic hybrid materials. We concentrate on the development of novel synthetic methods that are both benign and improve the final materials properties. Our work covers monomer synthesis, monomer crystallization and crystallography, development of non-classical syntheses such as hydrothermal and solid-state routes, and characterization of both monomers, polymers, high-performance dyes and hybrids, using e.g. ATR-FT-IR, TGA, DSC, solution and solid-state NMR, powder and single crystal XRD, optical microscopy and SEM. Meet the team (in order of appearance):

Dr. Miriam M. Unterlass (PI)

D. Alonso Cerrón-Infantes (project assistant)

Lukas Leimhofer (research assistant)

Michael J. Taublaender (PhD student)

Elias K. Bumbaris (PhD student)

Tobia Cavalli (PhD student)

Lukas P. Leutgeb (MSc student)

Patrick W. Fritz (research assistant)

Miriam Zintl (research assistant)

Alumni & Alumnae