18th November 2017


Our lab is equipped with state-of-the art instruments for the different syntheses we perform:

  • monomer synthesis and purification: classical organic lab equipment, Schlenk lines, etc.
  • crystallization techniques: H-tubes, H-tubes, 0.5L double diffusion apparatus, etc. 
  • solid-state polymerization: ovens (inert gas, vacuum)
  • hydrothermal polymerization: various high-temperature high-pressure batch reactors, with or without stirring, ranging from 7.5 mL – 1L; high-temperature high-pressure synthesis microwave oven, ATR-FTIR spectrometer with mid-IR probe for in-situ investigations (1L HT reactor is equipped with a corresponding inlet)

At the Institute of Materials Chemistry, we have access to a wide range of analytical techniques relevant to our research:

  • thermal analyses: DSC, TGA
  • gas sorption
  • optical microscopy
  • solution and solid-state NMR
  • light scattering
  • calcination ovens (different gas atmospheres)

We perform electron microscopy at TU Wien’s interfaculty electron microscopy center (USTEM), and X-Ray diffraction at the X-Ray Center (XRC) of TU Wien.