22nd September 2018

Olivier Gazil

Olivier holds a BSc in chemical engineering from Polytechnique Montreal, Canada. During his BSc, he carried out several research internships in the field of soft condensed matter with Prof. Nick Virgilio. This lead him to continue with his MSc under the supervision of Prof. Virgilio focusing on in-situ synthesis of metallic nanoparticles in hydrogels. In August 2018, Olivier was awarded a MITACS Globalink Research Award to support a 6-months research internship in our group, starting in September 2018. His work will explore the hydrothermal synthesis of inorganic-organic hybrid materials.

contact: olivier.gazil@polymtl.ca

ResearcherID: Q-4649-2018


Porous hydrogels, metallic nanoparticles, hybrid materials, heterogeneous catalysis, process intensification, interfacial chemistry, polymer blends.


1) Kabbara, M., Gancheva, T., Gazil, O. and Virgilio, N., Macromol. Chem. Phys. 2016, 217, 2081-2088. “Preparation of Porous Organogels Using Water Soluble Polymer Templates”  doi:10.1002/macp.201600212


6) POSTER: Gazil O. and Virgilio N. (2018) Controlling the Localization of Gold Nanoparticles During Synthesis in Microstructured Porous Hydrogels. CREPEC Student Annual Colloquium 2018, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, June 7th.

5) TALK: Gazil O. and Virgilio N. (2018) Controlling the Localization of Gold Nanoparticles During Synthesis in Microstructured Porous Hydrogels. Chemical Engineering Research Day McGill-Polytechnique 2018, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, March 27th.

4) TALK: Gazil O., Tanguay-Rioux F., Gosselin M., Marcotte É., Aubé M., Farand P., Tavares J. R. (2017) Simulating Dynamically: A Longitudinal and Practical Simulation Approach for Students. 67th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, October 22nd-25th.

3) POSTER: Gazil O. and Virgilio N. (2017) Porous Hydrogel Microstructured Reactor. CREPEC Student Annual Colloquium 2017, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, June 7th.

2) TALK: Gazil O., Gancheva T., Virgilio N. (2016) Towards Gold Nanoparticles Film Growth on Microstructured Porous Hydrogel Surfaces. 66th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, October 16th-19th.

1) TALK: Gazil O., Kabbara M., Gancheva T., Virgilio N. (2015). Novel hybrid hydrogel/organogel materials prepared with cocontinuous polymer blends. 65th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, October 4th-7th.


7) Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplements Program

6) MITACS Globalink Research Award

5) RBC Banque Royale Scholarship

4) [1st place] 3MT Polytechnique Competition

3) Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship

2) Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies (FRQNT) Scholarship

1) [1st place] Minerva-CIAC Responsible Care Case Study Competition at the 66th CSChE Conference, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.