Advanced Organic Materials

International Paris Air Show 2019

Alonso, Tobia, and Miriam presented our research on high-performance composites using hydrothermally synthesized fully crystalline polyimides as reinforcements at the International Paris Air Show (SIAE – salon international de l’aéronautique et de l’espace) in Paris – Le Bourget, France, as part of the TU Wien booth. We are commercializing these materials with our spin-off company UGP Materials. [Read more]

Invited talk at Colloid and Interface Symposium (COINS 2019)

Miriam gave an invited talk entitled “Fully Crystalline Polymers, Liquid Crystals, And Shape-Anisotropic Particles From a Prototypical Rigid-Rod Polymer” at the Colloid and Interface Symposium (COINS 2019) in Hong Kong. Thanks to the organizers Anderson Shum (HKU Mechanical Engineering) and Yufeng Wang (HKU Chemistry) for putting together such a great symposium with lots of interesting contributions! [Read more]