Advanced Organic Materials

Our latest publication on hydrothermal synthesis of polyimide networks featured in several news and press articles

Several press releases and articles have been published, featuring our latest study on the hydrothermal polymerization of porous aromatic polyimide networks including the use of artificial intelligence for deciphering complex morphology evolutions. Press coverages have appeared in Kurier, Chemeurope.com, Solarify / Max-Planck-Institut für chemische Energiekonversion, CeMM, and the Austrian Press Agency APA. [Read more]

Postdoc opening!

We are currently looking for a postdoc excited about COFs and related small molecules at the interface of materials chemistry and biology. The opening  is available within  the framework of CeMM’s Pre-ERC Postdoc Program. Applications are to be submitted until July 31st, 2021. To submit your application and find out more about the program, click here. [Read more]

Virtual talks in May and June!

Miriam gave several online talks in June and is grateful to the respective hosts and organizers, as well as audiences for great discussions! A big thank you to the Austrian Young Chemists Association, JCF (Talk: “Nothing but water: Hydrothermal synthesis of N-Heterocycle-based materials”, May 3rd, 2021), the Centre for Doctoral Training in Sustainable Chemistry at the University of Nottingham (Talk: “Synthesis of materials rich in aromatics and heterocyclics using water and heat“, June 10th, 2021), the Chemistry Department of King’s College London (Talk: “Hydrothermal and solid-state synthesis of heterocycle-based materials and small molecules“, June 16th, 2021), and the Advanced Materials Research Group at the faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham (Talk: “From All-Organic Salts To High-Performance Materials“, June 28th, 2021)!  [Read more]