Advanced Organic Materials

Our paper on the green hydrothermal synthesis of hybrid materials is featured on the front cover of the Journal of Materials Chemistry A!

We are excited to share our latest cover page! The cover of the 24th issue of the Journal of Materials Chemistry A accompanies our latest publication on hydrothermally synthesized perylenebisimides-SiO2 hybrid materials. In our manuscript, we report the intricacies of synthesizing hybrids in one-pot using nothing but water. [Read more]

Welcome Daniel , Suman and Rob

We very warmly welcome our three new team members Daniel Block, Suman Chandra, and Robert Pazdzior, who all join us as postdocs. Daniel will be working with novel polymer materials and their processing, and Rob will work on the exploration of new hydrothermal syntheses at the University of  Konstanz. Suman joins us in the framework of CeMM’s Pre-ERC Postdoc Program in Vienna and will be working on the microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of covalent organic frameworks for biomedical applications. [Read more]